“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it”

- muhammed ali -


Episode #045 - Steel Johnson

Steel Johnson AKA The Magic Marine - How & Why To Follow Your Heart (In Collab w/ Manor MCP)

Episode #045 - Zoe Williams

The second installment of our collab with Manor MCP, with the 4 time Invictus Games medalist Zoe Williams! As a child, Zoe committed a huge amount of time synchronised swimming, leading her to a turning point where she had to make decision as to whether to try and qualify for the GB Team for London 2012, or take her happy memories and move on to pastures new. She chose the latter and joined the Royal Navy - we hear her story!

Episode #044 - Charlie Green

Charlie is the Co-founder of The Office Group (TOG). TOG is one of the biggest co-working companies in the UK with 44 sites. On this episode we talk all about the importance of community. We also discuss the power of contributing, the risk and sacrifice involved in building a business, how to choose a business partner & how to manage big obstacles in business and in your personal life.

Episode #043 - Ben Tansley

Ben was hit by a motorbike which snapped his back, paralysing him from the waist down. A huge life changing circumstance for the founder of Heroes gym, fitness fanatic and boxer, very quickly Ben accepted what happened and looked at ways he could find a positive. Ben has helped so many going through the same thing to accept and move forward with their lives.

Episode #042 - Chris Plowman

Chris is the Co-Founder of Floatworks. After 9 years trapped in a corporate banking job, he finally took flight and escaped conventional success to follow his purpose and carry out his true meaning. Floatworks is a wellness company that specializes in floatation tanks. There is so much to this episode, including how to find meaning, how to trust and love yourself plus so much more.


Episode #041 - Michael Maisey

Michael is an amazing person. A difficult upbringing involving all types of abuse led him to a life of crime and addiction. 1 armed robbery and attempted murder later Michel found himself in a prison cell, the place where he would try to take his own life. It's been a long journey of recovery but Michael turned his life around. Now a successful entrepreneur, newly established author with his new book 'Young Offender' and coach, speaker and actor.


Episode #040 - Luke Moore

Luke is 1/4 of leading football podcast ‘The Football Ramble’, founder of Radio Stakhanov & broadcaster for TalkSport. We spoke about podcasting and football, but also went into depth about finding meaning and living a life of purpose, as well as how we best manage our ambition vs our mental health.


Episode #039 - Nick Santonastasso

Nick is a body builder, public speaker, singer songwriter, entrepreneur & shifter of perspectives! Before birth, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called 'Hanhart Syndrome' and was given only a 30% chance of surviving birth! Nick has the most incredible mental toughness and outlook on life & he speaks about living with no legs & one arm & how its taught him how to view the cards we have been dealt & decide whether we are the Victim, or the Viktor.


Episode #038 - Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford is an ex professional athlete. Playing 10 years in the NFL, setting multiple records in different categories and winning the SuperBowl in 2012, Steve achieved all he could in the sport. At retirement he was widely regarding as the best punter in the league. Steve is now a business owner and fitness influencer. Not only has he proved he can be successful both physically and mentally in two careers, but he's also been on a spiritual journey of late.

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Episode #037 - Simon Dent

Simon has an unbelievable story & truly represents resilience. Having studied as a lawyer he joined a big city firm, but realised it wasn't the life for him. Simon was sectioned for severe symptoms of mental health conditions, but made a full recovery and started a number of companies including sports marketing agency, Dark Horses. Simon stands at the forefront of how businesses should be ran in the future; with an emphasis on wellness & personal development.

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Episode #036 - Chris Baugh & Charlie Watts

In collaboration with C.A.L.M, Charlie Watts & Chris Baugh join the Take FL1GHT podcast. They are two ex fighters, MMA & Boxing respectively, who retired from the sport and turned their attention to business where they co-founded MANOR gyms. We cover performance, business, relationships and strategies for better coping with symptoms of mental health.


Episode #035 - Ben Bidwell

In collaboration with C.A.L.M, Ben Bidwell AKA the Naked Professor joins us and is an absolute legend! As a coach, writer blogger, author and podcaster - ben is having an impact in a big way. The depth of this chat was incredible and I truly loved speaking with him. We talk all about life, meaning and being aligned with your true purpose. A subject I am extremely passionate about.


Episode #034 - Tony Jeffries

Tony Jeffries is an undefeated professional British boxer. He had 106 fights, over 50 for his country, one of which won him the bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tony retired from boxing due to injuries to both hands. He moved to LA and founded the leading boxing gym in LA, Box N Burn. He also trains 121, typically high profile individuals, and has online boxing coaching courses. He is such a genuine guy and I loved speaking with him.


Episode #032 - Jake Hall

Jake Hall is an entrepreneur, CEO & founder of high end clothing brand prevu. Jake started making garments in his garage and now has a full studio in the heart of East London. Jake was recently named in the top 30 under 30 for Drapers fashion influencers 2019. More recently he survived the ultimate test, after being stabbed in the back, piercing his kidney leaving him in intensive care for over 2 weeks. It is clear Jake is cut from a different cloth! Please enjoy!


Episode #031 - The Birth of Take FL1GHT

Listen to me talking about the story behind the birth of the Take FL1GHT Podcast. I love doing this podcast and my goal is to reach as many people as possible and build a network and community of people who want to build each other up! Listen to what drives me on this guest appearance on another show called ‘Perfect Imbalance’.


Episode #030 - Marcus Smith

Marcus is a professional ultra endurance athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, podcast host and all round legend! At 31, Marcus took FL1GHT from his corporate job at huge sports brand Adidas, to build his company Inner Fight. Since then, he has ran 250km across the desert in 5 days, recovered from being inches away from death after being hit by a truck and defied all odds to run 30 marathons in 30 days. Quite the story, quite the guy!!


Episode #029 - Isaac Chamberlain

Isaac Chamberlain is a professional British cruiser weight boxer. Growing up on the streets of Brixton it was either gang life or boxing. After seeing his cousin stabbed and killed when Isaac was only 11 years old, his mum took him to the world renowned Miguels boxing gym. He fell in love with the sport immediately. With a 'No Plan B' mindset and pure resilience and consistency Isaac turned pro in 2015. This conversation blew me away and was one of my favorites yet!


Episode #028 - Esmee Gummer

Esmee Gummer has one of the strongest minds I've had the pleasure of learning from! She is a Master Trainer at one of the top health clubs in London '1Rebel' as well as being a celebrity personal trainer. Most recently, she was a contestant on SAS.Who Dares Wins, making the final. We also talk all about overcoming her biggest obstacle to-date; recovering after being paralyzed from the waist down following a bad reaction to a routine hernia operation.


Episode #027 - Sam Conniffe Allende

Sam Conniffe Allende is an entrepreneur, author and absolute legend. Author of my favourite book from last year 'Be More Pirate', Sam talks to us about starting 10 successful businesses, going 250k in the whole and the process of writing and publishing a book.


Episode #026 - Loui Blake

Loui Blake has founded several business since the age of 21, he now owns Erpingham House, the largest Vegan restaurant in the UK. Kalifornia Kitchen, a vegan restaurant in London. As well as Future Football Elite, a football academy providing kids with the coaching required to reach their best. We speak about the power of the mind, visualisation, experiencing burnout and fatigue, the spiritual journey of self discovery and the benefits of a plant based diet.

Episode #025 - Andrew Cotton

From plumber, to beach life guard, to World record holding big wave surfer! Cotty talks all about his journey following a dream to surf the biggest wave surfed in history, and how it felt to achieve it! We also talk about Cotty breaking his back when surfing a 65ft wave went wrong - as well as tips and tricks for finding your peak level of performance.


Episode #024 - Rebecca Dennis

Rebecca Dennis, author, coach and workshop leader is the founder of 'Breathing Tree' a specialist breathing practice in Central London. Rebecca specialises in treating issues such as stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, sleeping and focus issues, lack of energy and physical problems.


Episode #023 - Brian Wood MC

Brian Wood is a British hero. Hear the story of how he led the first close quarters bayonet charge in 25 years by the British Military. We break down Woody’s experience of severe PTSD, how he copes with suffering and what led him to finally seeking help. His inspiring story led to his new book, Double Crossed.


Episode #022 - David Abrahamovitch

Speaking to the inspirational David Abrahamovitch about the journey he has gone on to create the incredible brand, Grind. Hear all about how he took the gamble and reimagined the coffee experience.


Episode #021 - Gabriela Hersham

Speaking to the amazing Gabriella Hersham about her journey to create Huckletree and the obstacles that she has had to overcome to get to where she is today.


Episode #020 - Ed Mylett

Ready to be inspired? Listen to the one and only Ed Mylett who shares tips and tricks about how to become your best self. Advice you can take into your every day life.


Episode #019 - Chris ‘Drama’ Plaff

Drama is an entrepreneur and Founder / CEO of skate inspired clothing brand Young & Reckless, MTV reality TV star from Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and Ridiculous, and the host of the hugely inspiring podcast Short Story Long.


Episode #018 - Oliver Proudlock

Ollie Proudlock is an entrepreneur, design, model, influencer and reality TV star. He is the Founder & CEO of Serge DeNimes, star of reality TV show Made in Chelsea and social media model / influencer.


Episode #017 - Chris Wyles

Chris epitomises high performance - as a professional athlete, across 200 appearances for the Saracens since 2008, he’s won 4 Premiership titles and 2 European Champions Cups. Since retiring he has set up his company, Wolfpack Lager. We hear all about his journey in this episode.


Episode #016 - Hugh Duffie

Hugh Duffie is the Co-Founder of Sandows. Sandows is a premium Cold Brew Coffee Company based in Hackney, London. As the first to market in the U.K, they have disrupted traditional coffee drinking habits with their industry breaking Cold Brew, along with other products.


Episode #015 - Nath Jones

Nathan Jones is a lieutenant pilot in the RAF. He’s been in the front line for 14 years and and in 2014, Nath faced almost certain death when his voyager aircraft went into a full nose dive whilst he was out the cockpit. We hear all about the incredible events that followed.


Episode #014 - Luke Ambler

Luke is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and ex professional rugby player. He is the Founder of Andy’s Man Club, the Charity behind the largest Mental Health Campaign to date, ‘It’s OK to Talk’, reaching over 100 million people in only 4 weeks.


Episode #013 - Lauren Tickner

Lauren is the 21 year old Founder of ‘Impact Through Influence’. She has taken advantage of the online space and built her dream life along with a following of over 200,000 on Instagram, YouTube and her own Podcast.


Episode #012 - Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales is the leading elite sport sleep coach to the biggest names in the sporting world, including British Cycling and Team Sky's recording-breaking cyclists, top Premiership and international football teams and players, Rugby Union and Rugby League, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes.


Episode #011 - Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, educator, writer and public speaker. Ben runs the UK's #1 rated iTunes health & fitness podcast 'Ben Coomber Radio', owns and runs 'Body Type Nutrition', runs 'The Body Type Nutrition Academy' - an online nutrition course, has written several ebooks and tours the world teaching and delivering seminars.


Episode #010 - Lydia Millen

Lydia is the Queen of the blogoshpere. She talks all thing fashion, beauty and travel on her site lydiaelisemillen.com. With 633k subscribers on her Youtube channel (getting 40 million watch time views a month!!!!), 711k followers on Instagram and over 80k subscribers to her blog alone, Lydia is leading the way in such a highly sought after industry.


Episode #009 - Jamie George

Jamie George Is one of the best rugby players in the world. Playing club rugby at Saracens, internationally for England and being a key part of the 2017 British Lions tour, Jamie epitomizes elite performance. We talk all about his journey to the top in sport, the benefits of hard work team work and fun in finding high performance and the motivation behind turning his hand to business.


Episode #008 - Stevie Ward

A special Take FL1GHT x Mantality Magazine collaborative episode! Right on cue for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, I sit down with professional Rugby League player, Stevie Ward, of the Leeds Rhinos and England to talk all things mental health. Including our own struggles and techniques we have used to get through the tougher times.


Episode #007 - Ben Saul-Garner

Ben Saul-Garner is a genuine mini mogul. Co-founder of music agency Attachment London, Rebel Book Club (RBC)and adventure festival Beyond Sahara. As Attachment London, Ben works with the biggest music talent and brands on the planet to unlock opportunities that would never normally be possible. 


Episode #006 - Claudia Cocci Grifoni 

Claudia is an experienced MSK Physiotherapist who graduated in Italy in 2006 and then completed a Masters in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Belgium in 2008. Meanwhile, she also became a certified Clinical Pilates Instructor and started teaching 1-2-1 and group classes across Europe.


Episode #005 - Duncan Taylor

Get ready for a great episode! This week we sit down with Professional Rugby Player, Duncan Taylor. Duncan has over 100 appearances for Saracens and over 20 appearances internationally for Scotland. We talk all about what it takes to make it professionally, the importance of an organisations culture and the secrets to finding success on and off the field.


Episode #004 - Ali Gordon

This weeks episode is with blogger, YouTuber, Influencer and content creator Ali Gordon. Hear how he took the leap from a secure career as an electrician to follow his passion. Ali now dominates in a space that so many try to break.


Episode #003 - Rob Madden

Rob is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning specialist who works with the best of the best in sport. Rob is currently working in motorsport as a performance coach to an F1 driver. He has also “had the honor” of closely supporting Anthony Joshua from the start of his professional boxing career.


Episode #002 - The Tempest Two

This week we talk to adventurers, The Tempest Two (@thetempesttwo), James Whittle and Tommy Caulfield - two ordinary guys who accomplish extraordinary things. In 2015 they decided to tackle the unthinkable challenge of rowing across the Atlantic. Since, they have achieved a number of equally impressive feats.


Episode #001 - Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas is the CEO & Co-Founder of Ugly Drinks. Hugh started his career marketing beans and ketchup at Heinz before joining the coconut water company, Vita Coco in 2012. In 2015, Hugh left Vita Coco with friend Joe Benn to launch Ugly Drinks into the UK market.